Our Pure Spring Water Products

We are committed to product innovation and satisfying our customer requirements by offering a complete range of sizes, with the option of sports cap or flat cap.

ishka water bottle 5l

5L Flat Cap

Big enough to share

1l Sports Cap
1.5l Flat Cap
2l Flat Cap

Keep by your side to sip all day long

500ml Sports & Flat Cap.
750ml Sports Cap

Quench a thirst when active or on-the-go

250ml Sport Cap

Great for a quick refresh

“Convenient location, logistical efficiency”

As a water producer, our central location at the heart of the country and close to the motorway network minimises environmental impacts from distribution and also ensures maximum logistical efficiency across Ireland.

Our warehousing facility allows us to hold key lines in stock for call off by customers during high demand periods.

  • ISHKA trucks

Pure & Natural

Our ‘true’ Spring Water is pumped from a single bore hole of 200 metres depth, the source is protected by the natural local bedrock, affording the highest degree of filtration and protection. The natural filtration resulting from slow permeation through the bedrock ensures high quality and purity of the water.

Our spring water is sparkling clean, totally free from any pollutants – and because of the purity and clarity of the water coming from our natural spring, our water is unprocessed, untreated for maximum health and wellness benefits – just as Mother Nature intended.

Capacity & Efficiency

  • Our automatic bottling line operates at speeds of 300 bottles per minute with computer controlled volumetric filling and neck handling capability which eliminates operator handling of the product.
  • The capacity of this facility on one 8 hour shift is approx 150,000 bottles of Ishka Spring Water.
  • Because of the sophistication of the bottling line, our product is not handled by operators at any stage during the bottle assembly, filling, capping, labelling or shrink wrap process.

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