Ishka, irish, spring water, bottled water, sustainability, environment, EcoFilm, recycled plastics, Eco, biodegradableWithin our environmentally-responsible approach to our operations in Co. Limerick we take every step possible to maintain the purity of our springs, the land around them and the wider environment.

Our latest sustainability initiative is to be the first bottled water company in Ireland to use EcoFilm™ in our outer packaging. Developed with the entire lifecycle of the product in mind, EcoFilm™ combines the performance demanded by our customers while in use and convert effortlessly into carbon dioxide and water within weeks of disposal. EcoFilm™ does NOT contain polyethylene. It is 100% biodebgradable.

Environmental sustainability is a challenge ISHKA isn’t shying away from.

“We’ve made great strides, having already started production with recycled plastic bottles, but a lot more needs to be done. Making packaging as sustainable as possible is a crucial policy of our business – ultimately, we don’t want any of our packaging and bottles to end up as litter in cities and the countryside, in our seas as plastic pollution or in landfill as a wasted resource. We will continue to innovate in sustainability.”

Says Denis Sutton, Director ISHKA Irish Spring Water.


ISHKA – playing our part in solving the plastics problem.