Antonia Rossiter, BSc. Sport, Exercise Science, Performance Physiologist, Sport Ireland Institute, Hydration Ambassador

“Don’t wait to be thirsty – it’s crucial you begin drinking early on the course”

Twenty-two and a half thousand runners are set to gather in Dublin city centre this morning for the 40th annual KBC Dublin Marathon. With a dry sunny day expected, participants are being reminded of how vital it is to manage their water intake. 
Race Organiser Jim Aughney says
“We encourage runners in the KBC Dublin Marathon to get drinking early in the run, that’s really critical. It’s truly not a good idea to wait until you’re thirsty. We have ten water stations set up along the route. We asked our official Water Partner Ishka Irish Spring Water specifically to supply 250ml bottles for runners so they are small enough to carry a short distance, and provide plenty of hydration”.

Some facts about the water supply for today’s run:

  • It was drawn from Ishka Irish Spring Water’s protected natural springs less than a week ago, on Wednesday, October 23rd.
  • 8 trucks carried the water on 74 pallets from Limerick to Dublin.
  • Almost 200,000 250ml, 500ml and 5l bottles are being provided for the event,
  • More than 60,000 litres of Ishka Irish Spring Water are expected to be consumed by 22,500 runners.
  • All bottles will be collected for recycling – Ishka Irish Spring Water bottles are 100% recyclable
MD of Ishka Irish Spring Water Mike Sutton says
“it’s a big day for the company. We are truly honoured to be involved in such an iconic event as the KBC Dublin Marathon, especially in this milestone 40th year. It’s a tremendous effort for each and every participant – as well as for Jim and his organising team – and we wish them all the very best of luck today”.


Ishka Irish Spring Water is the Official Water Partner of KBC Dublin Marathon

is naturally filtered through the local limestone bedrock at Ballyneety, County Limerick. The water is bottled at source, untouched by human hand, in a state of the art facility, the biggest of its kind in Ireland. The company is second generation and 100% Irish owned.