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Water donation to help thirsty medics on virus frontline

Limerick firm Ishka Irish Spring Water supplies 80 pallets to 17 hospitals battling Covid-19

Ishka Irish Spring Water is distributing 250,000 bottles of its still water to facilities across the Ireland East Hospital Group and the UL Hospitals Group. The family-owned company wants to show its appreciation for the massive efforts being made by all those fighting the effects of COVID-19.

Director of Ishka Irish Spring Water Denis Sutton says:

“We chose our 250ml-sized bottles for this project as that’s what we always provide for marathons and other long-distance running events. We find it works for the athletes who can grab a bottle, enjoy a drink and then the bottle can be recycled, without them having to carry it along. In the same way, we hope healthcare workers will be able to grab a quick drink and recycle the bottle, without needing to keep track of where they’ve left it down.”

Ishka Irish Spring Water’s delivery drivers are distributing 80 pallets of the bottles to 17 locations in the coming days. The bottles are 100% recyclable.

Communications Director with Ireland East Hospital Group Caroline Kohn says the donation is well-timed:

“We are thrilled to accept this donation from Ishka Irish Spring Water. This will help our staff to stay well hydrated providing services and caring for our patients throughout their long shifts. Our teams can really feel the heat as they keep up the massive effort to tackle COVID-19. They will be so happy to see these bottles of water coming in the door!”

Ishka Irish Spring Water water rises from protected, natural springs in Ballyneety, where it is naturally filtered through the local bedrock. The water is bottled at source, untouched by human hand, in a state of the art facility, the biggest of its kind in Ireland.

For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact
Ciara McDonagh, Healy Communications on behalf of Ishka Irish Water ciara@healycommunications.ie