The Source

Ishka Irish Spring Water – slowly filtered up through the ancient stone of Ballyneety, County Limerick.

Protecting the environment we call home is something which has always been important to us.

Protecting Our Source – spring water, just as nature intended

Every drop of ISHKA Irish Spring Water comes from the undulating and verdant pastoral Ballyneety landscape, where it is carefully drawn from protected spring wells.

Surrounded by a highly protected zone, managed by strict Limerick City and County Council environmental policies, you can be sure every drop of ISHKA Irish Spring Water is just as is as pure as can be.

The natural filtration of the local limestone bedrock gives us spring water of the highest quality and purity with a fresh and rejuvenating taste.

To guarantee it’s purity even further we have an agreement with the Council to operate two ‘protected zones’, ensuring ANY activity that poses even the slightest risk to our catchment area are stringently monitored and controlled.

We take every step possible to maintain the purity of our spring and the land around it. No activities are allowed surrounding our spring, other than those relating to the bottling of our spring water products.

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