Our Food Safety & Quality Policy

Ishka Irish Spring Water regards food safety, legality, authenticity, quality & protection of our customer as an essential requirement of its operation, and is committed to the following guiding principles which form our Food Safety & Quality Policy & provides the framework for establishing & reviewing our ongoing objectives and targets, ref Rec – 001.

Guiding Principles :

Ishka Irish Spring Water is committed to :
  • Meeting our obligation to produce safe, legal and authentic products to the specified quality and our responsibility to our customers, coupled with a professional and reliable service.
  • The site’s senior management have defined and maintain a clear plan for the development and continuing improvement of a Food Safety & Quality Culture, Ref Sop – 022, including defined activities involving all sections of the site that have an impact on product safety and an action plan indicating how the activities will be undertaken and measured and the intended timescales.
  • Monthly Management Reviews are documented on Rec – 120 to ensure continual suitability and improvement analysis of our product, process and performance.
  • Demonstrating a responsible and positive attitude towards quality, legality, authenticity, health and food safety by safeguarding against hazards, complying with all relevant legislation, regulations and industry code of practice standards. Ref Sop – 062 product authenticity, claims and chain of custody procedure.
  • Employees are encouraged to report any concerns relating to product safety, integrity, quality and leglity or evidence of unsafe or out-of-specification raw materials to a manager or via the Confidential Reporting System Rec – 131.
  • The site’s senior management are committed to providing training to all staff to ensure this policy is communicated and understood by all employees thus promoting awareness among employees and providing a good working environment by development of our training plan and our Food Safety and Quality Culture.
  • Complying with all requirements of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.
  • The policy is signed by the Directors who have overall responsibility for the site to demonstrate their commitment at senior management level. Ref Sop – 026 Senior Management Commitment Procedure.

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