Ishka Irish Spring Water

One of Ireland’s Leading Bottled Water Producers
‘Certified’ Spring Water

The success of Ishka, since 1978, has simply been the purity and clarity of our spring water. Sourced from our own on-site natural spring, in Ballyneety in County Limerick, our spring water is sold in its natural state, untouched by human hand and without treatment in any way during our production process

Day after day our spring water rises naturally towards the surface, as pure as nature intended. The natural filtration of the local bedrock gives us spring water of the highest quality and purity with a fresh and rejuvenating taste.

Nature has done it’s bit – Ishka just gives nature a little helping hand to finish the job and bottle at source for supermarkets, hotels and homes throughout Ireland.

Private Labeling

  • State Of The Art Bottling & Production
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Positive Release Policy in Operation
  • Warehouse to Truck in 15mins
  • Cash and Cary
  • Cash and Cary

Cash and Carry

  • Extensive range of wholesale products
  • Complete range of sizes from 250ml to 5L
  • Option of sports cap or flat cap
  • Our warehousing facility allows us to hold key lines in stock for call off by customers during high demand periods

100% Family Owned

Founded in 1978 by Mr. Michael Sutton Snr and managed today by its two directors Mr. Michael Sutton Jnr and Mr. Denis Sutton

AA Accreditation

One of the few bottled water companies in Ireland to be awarded AA accreditation by the BRC. The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is a fundamental requirement of leading retailers.

100% Traceability

With Ishka’s Cloud QA System everything from label glue to bottle cap is fully traceable to an exact batch on any given day. We operate strictly on a positive release policy.

State of the art fully automated bottling process and facility
Capacity of our facility on one 8 hour shift is approx 150,000 bottles
Computer controlled volumetric filling & neck handling capability
Source & finished product tested by independent INAB accredited laboratories daily
Committed to product & production innovation
Command of logistics to ensure our customers are constantly supplied, no hiccups!

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