Our Natural Source

We have great respect for our region and the water it provides. We protect this natural resource so our water can be enjoyed today, tomorrow and always.

Every drop of ISHKA Irish Spring Water comes from the undulating and verdant Ballyneety landscape, carefully drawn from protected spring wells.

ISHKA Spring Water is drawn from naturally renewable protected underground sources, constantly replenished by rainfall. As long as it continues to rain on Ballyneety’s beautiful rural landscape, ISHKA will supply pure, natural bottled spring water to Ireland and beyond. 

Surrounded by a highly protected zone, managed by strict Limerick City and County Council environmental policies, you can be sure every drop of ISHKA Irish Spring Water is just as is as pure as can be. Our hydrogeologists monitor our springs and surrounding habitats for sustainability.

To guarantee its purity even further, we have an agreement with the Council to operate two’ protected zones’, ensuring ANY activity that poses even the slightest risk to our catchment area are stringently monitored and controlled.

We take every step possible to maintain the purity of our springs and the land around them. No activities are allowed surrounding our springs, other than those relating to the bottling of our spring water products.

Everything bottled is 100% natural and pristine.

“The ISHKA wells intercept crystal clear groundwater as it makes its way from surrounding high ground. Rainfall can take up to 15 years to filter and percolate through the subsoil and limestone bedrock.”

Richard Langford
Consultant Hydrogeologist

The natural filtration of the local limestone bedrock gives us spring water of the highest quality and purity with a fresh and rejuvenating taste.

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Because we love the environment, we’re proud to say that every single Ishka Irish Spring Water bottle can be recycled.

We know that people who love Ishka Irish Spring Water are committed to recycling at home. Please help us by recycling more when you’re out and about.

Read More about our sustainable approach