Our Food Safety Culture

Ishka Irish Spring Water’s framework for managing product safety, integrity, legality and quality, and the operational controls for these criteria in processing and packing of our products.

Our truly robust Food Safety Culture can be defined as the food safety attitudes, values and beliefs shared by every member of our organisation. It is a core company value and prioritises safety and a never-ending process of continuous improvement.

Commitment that goes beyond compliance

Management and staff make food safety a top priority in our daily operations – “it’s just how things are done around here”.

  • We empower our people to take appropriate food safety actions.

  • We work as a team to enforce food safety practices.

  • We operate effective food safety training and communications.

  • We have put in place effective food safety management systems and controls.

  • Food safety informs the long term vision of our company and strategic planning for our future.

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