Compliance Culture

Legislative Compliance

Ishka ensures continued Legislative Compliance by carrying out its activities in line with the EU (Natural Mineral Waters, Spring Waters and other Waters in Bottles or containers) Regulations 2016 i.e. S.I. 282 of 2016. All Ishka Spring Water’s products are regulated by the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI).

Food Safety, Legality and Quality Standards

Ishka believes that the fundamental requirements of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety are crucial to the establishment and operation of an effective food safety and quality operation and this is the framework we use to assist the production of a safe, quality product, legislative compliance and protection of our customers.

People – ethical & responsible business practices

  • Our people are central to our organisation and therefore the Health & Wellbeing of our staff is priority
  • We operate in line with Health & Safety guidelines
  • We engage with our staff regularly and provide platforms to aid with communications

ISHKA Irish Spring Water maintains a responsible, ethical approach to all aspects of its business throughout the entire value chain – doing business that’s ‘good for everyone’. Sharing the same ethical values as our customers, by making products and supply chains, safe, sustainable, and protective of people and the environment, is another great reason to choose ISHKA.

With more than 50,000 members in over 150 countries not-for-profit Sedex is the world’s largest collaborative platform for buyers, suppliers and auditors to store, share and report on information quickly and easily. Using Sedex tools and services helps us ensure the entire supply chain is upholding safe, ethical, and sustainable business practices, helping us to protect the working conditions for people working in our supply chain, the quality of the products that are produced, and the environments from which materials and products are sourced.

“Sedex help us demonstrate our commitment and protect our network so we can continue to perform with exceptional levels of care. We take our ethical responsibilities, the environmental impact of our products, our commitment to an ethical supply chain and the sustainability of our packaging seriously.”

Mairéad Wharton-Evans, Quality Manager