Exciting news starting today, February 1, 2024, Ireland introduces the new Deposit Return Scheme – a win for you and the environment. When you buy a drink in a plastic bottle or aluminum can with the Re-turn logo, a small refundable deposit is added to the price. Simple, right?

Look out for the Re-turn logo on PET plastic bottles and aluminum/steel cans from 150ml to 3 liters at stores nationwide. When you’re done, just return your empty, undamaged containers to participating stores or supermarkets, including easy Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs). ISHKA Irish Spring Water bottles are included in the scheme.

For a short time, you might find some bottles and cans without the Re-turn logo – no worries, these can go in your recycling bin.

The deposit is straightforward – 15 cents for 150ml to 500ml, and 25 cents for anything over 500ml up to 3 liters. Participating major retailers have set up return points, and you can find them on the handy map at www.re-turn.ie.

Getting your deposit back is a breeze. Return your empty, undamaged containers with the Re-turn logo to stores, and you’ll get a cash refund or a store voucher through RVMs.

Remember, for top-quality recycling, bring back your Re-turn bottles and cans to participating shops. It’s all part of a fantastic initiative, inspired by successful European models, to boost recycling rates and make our approach to beverage container disposal more sustainable. Cheers to a greener future!

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