Recycling tips
for ISHKA bottles

All our bottles are 100% recyclable.

Plastic packaging is universally portrayed as bad – bad for the environment, bad for the consumer and bad for our oceans. HOWEVER except for the latter, plastic is the most efficient co2 impact material. It has the greatest properties to protect human health, increases the use-by date of all fresh food products – therefore reducing food waste and is cost efficient. These virtues however, do not exonerate us from our obligation to protect our oceans where far too much plastic ends up. (source

Ireland is now one of the leading recycling countries in the EU for packaging recycling.

This has been achieved through Repak members, recovery operators and with the help of you, the public, who recycle their packaging from their homes.

Let’s start with the basics!

  • Plastic bottles must be emptied

  • Squash bottles to compact them and make more space in your recycling bin

  • You don’t have to remove labels and caps – you can leave these on your recyclables as they will be removed in the recycling process (source:

Recycling is easy once you know how!

But with so many symbols it can get a little confusing so let’s make sense of it all. You will find the following two symbols on all ISHKA spring water bottles:

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Fact Corner

  • If you lined up the plastic bottles tossed away each year, they would circle our planet four times

  • Recycled plastic bottles can be turned into new products such as car parts, carpeting, clothes and new plastic bottles.

  • Cans account for about double the greenhouse gases of plastic bottles – the production of each can pumps about twice as much carbon into the atmosphere as each plastic bottle (Reuters)

  • Boxed water brands promote the fact that 76%+ of their carton is paper, but the rest of it is a complicated layer cake of polyethylene plastic and aluminum. Trees are indeed renewable, while petro-plastic is not.

Recycling Crafts – up-cycling fun with ISHKA bottles

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